3. Traditional Food

Lithuanian cuisine is not static – it has been changing under the influence of many historic factors, as the choice of food varied among social strata, to acquire its present shape. Moreover, both in the past and today, individual Lithuanian regions have many of their own special dishes and use different food preparation technologies.

Even though Lithuania is a small country, eating habits and food preferences differ from region to region. In Žemaitija (the north-western ethnographic region), for instance, people love porridges. Everyone here likes cannabis dishes and kastinys– a type of spicy spread made from butter and sour-cream. People in Aukštaitija (the central and north-eastern region of Lithuania) like different types of pancakes, dumplings, and meals from curd and cottage cheese.

In Dzūkija (the south-eastern part of the country), people have since long ago been growing buckwheat and know how to make themost delicious cakes, locally called babkos, and many other dishes from buckwheat. Living in the land of forests, local people are unrivalled berry-gatherers and mushroom-pickers, and their women are experts in preparing mushrooms. In Suvalkija (the south-western region), the most popular food is smoked meat and dishes from grated potatoes and fatty pork. For people living at the sea or lagoon, the traditional daily meal is, naturally, fish.

Lithuanians have always liked to eat copiously and deliciously. This still applies, but the changing way and speed of life inevitably bring changes to eating habits and the attitude to different food products, too. Recent years saw a growth of interest in traditional food and original recipes. The traditional cuisine becomes increasingly popular not only among consumers anxious about healthy food and traditions, but also among food producers and catering business. In Lithuania, many of them use old recipes and apply cooking technologies taken over from the old tradition.

The most popular Lithuanian traditional soup is Cold Beet-root Soup.salt

Fresh beet-roots are cut and boiled, after getting cold, pour some sour- milk and sour- cream, add some cucumber, a sliced hard boiled egg and cut dills, onions. We eat this soup with hot boiled potatoes.

Didzkukuliai or cepelinai – big dough-balls made from grated or boiled pounded potatoes with meat / mushroom or curd filling .


Šakotis – a tall piramidal cake (resembling the tree-trunk with spikes).The most popular Lithuanian dessert for weddding parties and other bigger celebrations.


Please,watch on youtube the process of making šakotis:


Žemaitiškas kastinys– a spicy spread made from butter and sour-cream, usually eaten with hot boiled potatoes.


Our students tried to make kastinys, please watch on youtube:



Some more photos of Lithuanian dishes:



Skilandziai and sausages:


Fish dishes:


Meat dishes:




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  1. Hello all
    We were just talking about the Tree Cake and the mushroom biscuits! Some of our fondest memories of Lithuania are of food!!!!!!!

  2. looks delicious.. very nicely presented.. Thanks for the link video of Žemaitiškas kastinys. Btw, is the Cold Beet-root Soup pink ? I just wonder how the delicious taste will be 🙂

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